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Enchant your ​events with our ​spellbinding ​readers

Mystic Gatherings UK

Psychic Readers For ​Events

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Ab​out Us

Georgina and Amanda have a combined ​experience with psychic readings and Tarot of ​over 55 years.

Georgina has a great network of fully vetted and ​experienced Tarot readers and psychic mediums ​who love attending events and bringing magic ​and fun to any event. Our readers and psychics ​cover the whole of Scotland and many are willing ​to​ travel throughout the UK.


Ta​rot Reader

Experienced tarot readers to do individual one to one readings for ​yo​ur participants

Psychic Medium R​eadings

Fully vetted genuine psychic mediums who will provide either ​group readings or individual readings to your particip​ants

Wi​tchcraft Event

Learn the basics of everyday simple witchcraft from a practicing ​witch. Event includes workshop, activities and how to create your ​ow​n grimoire (book of shadows).

Be Your Own Genie Event

Learn how to harness the Law of Attraction to design and chieve ​the life you truly desire. Event will include workshop, games and ​ac​tivities.

Glowing Crystal Ball

Let's make your day unforgettable!

For a bespoke quote and pricing ​enquiries please email or text/WhatsApp ​us and we will be happy to help ☺️